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Our suite of Engage + ExecuteSM will help your reps to get information in front of customers quicker, and more often.

Engage for Manufacturers Agents

Co-Branded, Featured Product Sales Kits

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Execute for Manufacturers Reps

Sales, Marketing & Training Platform

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Design & Technology Solutions

We develop & implement cloud & web-based tools for you to strategically manage your operations & partnerships.

RepSites | Turn-key Rep Firm Websites

Turn-key, Affordable & Modern Websites

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Microsoft Power BI Dashboards for Agency Owners
KPI Dashboards

Dynamic Data Reports, Customized for You

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Rep Firm Services

From our experience working with sales reps, our focus is on developing solutions and services to seamlessly enhance the our clients' sales presentation and management resources - so they can stay focused on their customers.

Engage | Co-Branded Sales Kit Development & Featured Product Marketing


Featured Product Sales Kits

Let us design & create the sales kit to promote the value of a product or service, so a salesperson has ready-to-send tools available, including: Product/Service Flyer, Slide for a Tablet or Presentation, and Pre-written Email Text to utilize.

Give Your Salespeople the Power to Send Information within Minutes.


Featured Product Sales Kits + Email Campaigns

Take it even further on products that need to be sent to 100's of contacts, by allowing us to send emails out on behalf of each salesperson - to a list of contacts they specify for each blast. These emails are personalized for each salesperson, sent via their specific email address, and each salesperson receives their report on who have viewed the email.

So your team is already at the follow-up stage.

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Rep Firm Version - Execute Business Development Platform, Powered by Spyre Group

Execute SM

Business Development Collaboration & Communication Platform

Our Execute SM platform was developed around providing the salesperson with a library of tools needed to efficiently communicate with their clients, and then integrating features for management to direct their team.

Organized & up-to-date access to all your Sales, Marketing, Training & Presentation resources ... and your team isn't wasting time searching through emails or file folders.

Lead Your Team

Our Product Focus feature allows sales management to post which products or services to focus on, while giving the salespeople a direct link to access the promotional tools, to quickly communicate with their customer base.

RepSites - Manufacturers Rep Websites


Specialists in Rep Firm Websites

Offering turn-key, fully-managed options from 1-Page Company Overviews to 20+ Page Dynamic websites. We understand you don't have time to manage, but it is a critical part of how your company presents itself.

Our rep firm websites are structured to present the value your firm provides to your territories, to potential manufacturing partners, and customers screening you prior to a meeting.

With every email you send ... you advertise your website.

Microsoft Power BI Dashboards for Manufacturers Reps

Dynamic Dashboards & Visual Reports

Performance through Visualization

Give your sales professionals a tool to visualize where they stand against their sales goals, and they'll figure out how to reach those goals.

Forget micromanagement, sales process tracking or putting all your salespeople in the same mold ... just give them the tools and the target.

Management Reports

Dynamic visual reporting of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that matter to your unique business. We configure your sales and marketing data points into Microsoft Power BI with the data and visual representation perfect for your business ... without having to fit into an out-of-the-box system or over-engineer a custom data solution.

Now you can take the critical data out of your data systems, or CRM, and put them into a simple spreadsheet that powers Dynamic Reports you can make strategic decisions from.

Transition Your Rep Firm to Microsoft Office 365 & SharePoint Team Sites

Cloud Transition & Team Sites

As the initial step, we assist client with transitioning their organization to the Microsoft Office 365 environment to allow for seamless use of our platform, and configure the flexibility to scale your operation at anytime in the future.

SharePoint Team Sites

We implement collaboration portals for operations that are customized for your organization, to allow for information sharing, collaboration and communication in a cloud-based application.

These sites have an easy-to-use interface for all technology skill levels and extends your company's sharing capabilities far beyond just file sharing.

Company Portal | Administration Portal (HR, IT & Policies) | Executive Portal


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