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Featured Product Sales Kits

Let us design & create the sales kit to promote the value of a product or service, so a salesperson has ready-to-send tools available, including:

  • Product Flyer
  • Product Slide
  • Email Text

Give Your Salespeople the Power to Send Information within Minutes.

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How it Works

We deliver ready-to-send kits to your sales team, so they can get the product in front of the customer within minutes.

Step 1

Send us a link, or forward any available files of the product.

Step 2

We design the kit, you review & approve when ready.

Step 3

We upload the kit to ExecuteSM Platform.

Step 4

ExecuteSM Platform automatically sends to your sales team.

Send to Customers

Each sales rep sends to the right customers.

In Front of Customers within Minutes

Our goal is to keep the sales manager's time under 15 minutes to provide the details to us & review / approve the sales kit. While, giving every salesperson the ability to send to +10 of the right customers - under 15 minutes.

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Want to Give It a Try

Contact us and we'll provide you details and trial pricing to develop your 1st kit. You can experience the process and see if your team will benefit from the Engage sales kits.

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Get 15-20% More out of Each Salesperson

Our Sales Rep Team Suite will allow each individual sales professional to have the resources to get product information in front of more customers through our Engage Sales Kits, and our ExecuteSM platform will streamline the time wasted hunting down information.

Sales Rep Team Suite | Engage & Execute

The pairing of our design services to create featured product sales kits and our sales, marketing and presentation platform - will allow your entire team to become more efficient in getting information in front of customers.


Co-Branded Sales Kits

Our design team will create a co-branded sales kit for a product (or announcement) - so each person on your team can easily send to the right 10-15 customers in under 15 minutes.

  • Product Flyer (Personalized per Salesperson)
  • Product Slide (Tablets & Presentations)
  • Email Text (Pre-drafted, Copy + Paste + Send)

Execute SM

Sales, Marketing & Presentation Platform

Customized for your operation and team - this platform will provide a single point of access for all your organized and up-to-date sales, presentation and training resources, including:

  • Product Sales Kits
  • Product Focus Feed
  • Line Card(s)
  • Manufacturer Portal Logins
  • Manufacturer Resources & Literature
  • Presentation Center
  • Pricing Library
  • Dynamic Search



Pricing & Other Rep Firm Solutions

Now that you've viewed our Engage sales kits, are you interested in pricing, or any of our other design and technology solutions built for manufacturers' representatives?

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