• Execute

    For Sales Rep Firms

    Increase your sales team's efficiency
    & keep your team promoting your firm's value.

  • Sales Tools

    Synced & Centralized

    Up-to-Date Line Cards & Product Specifications,
    Inventories, Pricing, Presentations & Proposal Templates

  • Inventory

    Pricing & Overstock

    One place for all inventory & pricing lists,
    with a mechanism to post & alert team of hot opportunities.

  • Marketing

    Company & Principal Asset Library

    Manage full library of branding files, promotions &
    your manufacturers logo & media files

  • Team Connect

    Keep team together

    Central access to team meetings, presentations
    Industry event calendars & discussion tools.

Execute | Rep Firms

Sales Force Portal

Cloud-based intranet site for dispersed sales teams to access current company presentation tools, product literature,and connect with company main office - to allow sales team to access organized & up-to-date resources from computers, tablets and other mobile devices.

Spyre Group developed this to help firms align their outside sales, inside sales and marketing groups with the vision and direction of the company. Execute provides all parties with an easy-to-use tool to be more efficient, stay organized, minimize email clutter - to focus on growing revenue and building relationships.

Don't Worry about Setup & Build-Out

We do it for you. We know your plate it full, so we customize and populate your platform.

Pair with our Product Engagement Service


This service takes the hassle out of preparing new, or featured, product information for distribution to your clients, and your clients will receive targeted email promotions, on behalf of their account manager / territory rep.

Our team will take any featured or new products, produce tools for your sales team and send out email campaigns to targeted mailing lists. All you do is forward the product announcement or pitch pack, and we’ll create the tools to highlight the product.

Your 2 Step Process:

1. Forward / Email us the Featured Product
2. Approve Designs

Each featured product kit will come with 6 sales & marketing components, including an email blast to targeted clients/leads.

+ Not a CRM ... But has CRM Component

Execute is a platform designed to further equip your salespersons with the tools to get more information in front of more clients / prospects, and to let salespeople do what they do best - build relationships.

It includes our SimpleCRM module to manage a master contact book to integrate with featured product email campaigns, and sync with Microsoft Outlook.

+ Sync to Tablets & Microsoft Outlook

When on the road - all tools & product information is stored in the cloud & connected to 1 or all of your teams' devices.  

+ Team using Up-to-Date Resources

Files are stored in one place, so when updated, the file is replaced & synced to teams devices.  No need to question which file is the most current.

+ Team Telling Same Story

The portal contains all your business development information, acting as a transparent view to your team & connection between dispersed sales groups, so everyone is on the same page.

+ Dynamic Presentation to Future Principals

A more dynamic presentation when acquiring new product lines, to present your value above & beyond a PowerPoint.

+ Knowledge Transfer & Containment

Collect & organize critical information for passing onto new reps when someone retires, expands their role, or exits your company - to enable everyone to get up and running quicker.  

Manufacturers' Representative Client Scope

Our current clients typically range in size from 4 - 15 employee firms with vast experience and success representing manufactured products, with their clients ranging from regional distributors up to publicly-traded OEM's.

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