Feature Products through All Channels

Our Product Engagement Service is the Simplest Way to Keep Promotions Moving between Client Visits

Our team will take any featured or new products, produce tools for your sales team and send out email campaigns to targeted mailing lists. All you do is forward the product announcement or pitch pack, and we’ll create the tools to highlight the product. 

Working with our clients, we’ve seen how information is delivered by the manufacturers and the effort needed by the ownership/inside teams to modify for client viewing and distribute to their team. We structured this solution to help the reps in the field get tools to help them promote the featured product, setup/send email campaigns and minimize the time for management and inside teams. 

Your 2 Step Process:

1. Forward / Email us the Featured Product
2. Approve Designs
Each featured product kit will come with 6 sales & marketing components, including an email blast to targeted clients/leads.

Email, Print & Digital Presentation

Using this service, each featured product will come with 6 customized components to help your sales force.

To find out more details on what's included and estimated pricing, please pass-through the button below to access downloads and documentation.

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Dev + Management

Showcase your company's professionalism and value - to new principals and clients with a modern website.

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Execute SM

Execute <sup>SM</sup>
For Sales Reps

Customized, cloud-based platform to connect your sales teams with presentation tools, product literature and more.

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